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Our Salient Features

Homework Help

We will work with your child on a long-term basis to ensure their good performance and success. We have packages that will deliver quality instructions at low cost

Home School Support

We understand the challenges of home schooling your child. We aim to motivate and encourage your child to succeed

Learning How_to_Learn

We teach special techniques for exam preparation which can give student academic success. Our customized approach generates a learning profile for each student to ensure that we can find any communication gap in the learning process.

Our Responsibilities

We follow-up and keep parents up-to-date

We want to ensure that parents are kept in the loop and a report will be generated weekly or monthly, directly to the parents. Parents can play an important role in encouraging and incentivizing students with rewards to keep learning. This is often overlooked but if an instructor can help identify issues, parents can lend support to their child’s academic success.

We give back to your school or charity

When students work with us, we totally engage with the community including the school. We ensure that the students curriculum is reinforced and 3% of the funds paid go back to the school of the child or charity. We believe that this program will ensure that parents are investing in their child while giving back to their school.

We train and certify qualified Instructors

Our instructors are vetted to ensure that they meet our high standards for delivering lessons. We also conduct a thorough background check for each instructor. Both our tutors and academic coaches must successfully complete our MST training and certification program to be considered for employment.