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Lesa Kennedy
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Born and raised in Upper Brookville, New York, I am currently an Underwriter working at a financial institution. I am a 2019 TCU Neeley School of Business alumni, receiving a major in Finance and minor in Accounting. I was on the Dean\'s List every semester during my four years at TCU and ...

Caroline Daniels
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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with Chemistry as my minor and a post graduate degree in Education Administration. I have been a teacher for the past twenty-one years at the high school level in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. My hobbies are reading, travelling and embracing adventure.

James Straker
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I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education (Mathematics) and a Master’s degree in Education (Measurement and Evaluation). I have been teaching Mathematics at the high school level for over 12 years and at the college level for over 4 years. I am presently the head of the Mathematics department at my high school. In 2021, my school recorded a 97% pass rate in Mathematics. On the lighter side, I enjoy track and field, table tennis and movies.

Jesse Green
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I’m an aspiring Mechanical Engineer. I’ve been an educator for over 5 years in the areas of Math, Physics and Chemistry at a high school level where I’ve achieved close to 100% of my students passing at external examinations every year. In my free time, I’m an avid chess player as well as a soccer enthusiast. I hope to connect with you and make the learning experience enjoyable.

Joel Porter
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I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Education. I have been a high school English teacher for eleven years. The great poet Maya Angelou once said, ‘...when you get, give, when you learn, teach’. It is with this conviction that I have remained in this noble profession and have dedicated my life to molding minds and touching hearts. On a lighter side, I like fishing, camping and bike riding.

Josanie Europe
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I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education majoring in Mathematics. I work with high schoolers of all intellectual abilities to improve their mathematical skills. My efforts have gone to developing the skills of trainee teachers and aspiring public servants at their respective training institutions. I enjoy reading, cooking and I am a lover of adventures.

Kwamina Brizan-Arnaud
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I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Literary Studies and a certificate in Teacher Education. I have been a teacher for the past 22 years, having taught English Language, Literature, Art, Information Technology and French at the high school level. My pass rate in English is 100%. In addition to teaching, I’m also intensely passionate about art and poetry.

Riann Thomas
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Hello, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Communication Studies. These areas perfectly describe my interests because I am curious about the biological world we live in, but I love the humanities, particularly writing and literature. I am a meticulous, driven individual currently employed as a high school science teacher. Outside of work, I love cooking and I am a member of a dance performance company.

Wasim Pysadee
Wasim Pysadee Photo

I am Wasim Pysadee, your Math and Physics tutor. I am a young, vibrant, and passionate educator in Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Physics (with honors). I have been tutoring students for the past five years with great success. In my academic life, I have been awarded with numerous accolades for stellar performances in math and science including perfect GPAs in these fields. In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking and robotics.

Surojeney Persaud
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I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. I have been a teacher for the past 14 years, having taught Chemistry at the high school level. I have also tutored first year Chemistry students for the past two years at the college level. On a lighter side, my hobbies are cooking, reading, photography and hiking.

Sasha Brizan
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My name is SheereenBrizan and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minorin Social Policy. I have been a teacher for 4 years having taught English Language, English Literature, Sociology and History at the high school level. On a lighter side I like singing, songwriting, designing, reading and photography.