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You can choose from our list of online tutors who are all experienced in their subject areas.


One on One live tutoring at your chosen time of day. Round the clock support

Financial Surety

Full satisfaction or a 100% money back guarantee.


Creative solutions and assisted problem-solving to help launch your future career.

Our Mission

To educate, motivate and inspire students by offering an online educational service using well trained and qualified tutors in the areas of Science, Technology, English, Arts and Mathematics. Our committed tutors will enable and empower students to improve their grades and become confident individuals ready to take on the world.

Our Values

My Steam Tutor is designed to both guide and direct students young and mature along their career path by supporting their learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
We will work with every student and adapt our customized tutoring programs to ensure success. We are committed to education!

Why My Steam Tutor

We at My Steam Tutor (MST), take the time to carefully assess every single student. We want to understand their individual academic needs and then develop a plan to both foster and facilitate their future learning and success.

Best Campus

Personalized tutoring sessions at your own selected time. Many subjects to choose from.

Best Library

Full access to study materials before, during and after tutoring sessions.

Best Teachers

Several experienced national and international tutors to choose from.

Low Cost Services‚Äč

Full satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee

We offer a 24 hour service. Our tutors will be online waiting to assist you. Subjects taught to both Junior and High school students are: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Arts, Music and Graphic Design.

Benefits of the MST Learning
Support Platform

  • Competitive Pricing : The one-on-one cost is extremely low for STEAM subjects when compared to other platforms.
  • Scaled Pricing : The weekly hourly rate decreases as the hourly usage increases.
  • Quality Assurance : Our quality assurance team works continuously to ensure the delivery of services are done at the highest level.
  • Experienced Tutors : MST will hire, train and certify teachers that are experienced and have a very good track record of success in the STEAM subject areas.
  • Flexible Learning Schedule : Our tutors are available on demand.
  • Learn How To Learn Feature : We teach the techniques that enable you to learn in this new informational landscape.
  • Long Term Student Engagement : We can take you from Junior High to College by ensuring you have the support needed to succeed in your career goal.
  • Special Programs : Our student program will vary to cater for all types of students and their environments.
  • Prep courses : We offer support for all exams.
  • Continuous Learning and Development : Our team will empower you with the tools to develop new skills and stay competitive in an ever changing working environment.

Love Learning

The MST Team wants our students to become happy and inspired young adults. You are just a click away to educational success. We can do this together!