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Homework Help

We have packages that will deliver quality instructions at low cost.

Home School Support​

We understand the challenges of home schooling your child. Do you need help with a problem or need an explanation?​

Learning How to Learn

We teach special techniques for exam preparation which give our students a clear academic advantage. We generate a customised learning profile for each student so to minimise any gaps in the learning procedure.

Test and Exam Prep for High School

We offer the latest test preparation strategies that will help increase test scores for our students.


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Service Policy

  • My Steam Tutors clients can be parents, institutions, company sponsors and independent students.
  • A client can have many students added to an account. Our support team can add students from an institution by batch upload.
  • Clients are free to cancel their subscription at any time.
  • Clients who subscribe will have their schedule setup for the school year. If there is a need to reschedule or catch up on a session, then you can login into your portal and apply to change a date in the calendar. The assigned tutor will then reschedule.
  • We are constantly working with companies and grant programs to give students with economic barriers access to our services. We believe that every student should have extra support to help them succeed. If you are experiencing economic hardship that prevents you from participating in our program, please contact us.