Frequent Asked Questions

Yes you will be charged. You need to follow the guidelines as set out in your package.
This is based on the subscription package you have.
At the end of every session you will receive a report on the child’s session. If the child did not attend, the report will say so.
You will be charged on an hourly basis. If this keeps on occurring we will recommend you upgrade to a suitable package
The subscription will be reimbursed if the child attends his sessions regularly and interacts with his tutor. If he/she is never punctual and always absent you will be informed. If the child continues to attend and there is no change in his behaviour your subscription will not be reimbursed.
Yes, the sessions will be recorded and stored for up to 1 month. This is done for the protection and security of all stakeholders. Parents or clients will be allowed to review sessions to assure attendance and to evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons.
Yes, you can send an email to our Customer Service Department and a replacement will be done within 24 hours.

Once the tutors are certified by MST means they are properly vetted and
have the academic qualifications and experience to tutor your child.